Name Your Price - An Update!

Housekeepers I am thrilled. Simply delighted. In fact, though I can barely keep my eyes open, you could describe me as rather giddy with glee despite a hacking cough and comic book style red, runny nose! On Thursday evening I took it into my head to extend an invitation to all of you name your price or take my offer to become a Housekeeping Superstar by installment and I could not, not even for a moment have predicted how successful this offer would be. For in-between traipsing around Chester zoo, eating far too much chocolate and trying to sleep off the nastiest cold I have ever had, I have spent this weekend sending out downloads from the store, welcoming new Superstars and occasionally shedding a tear when I read the many, many grateful emails that accompanied some of the requests for my NAME YOUR PRICE downloads.

For this offer has not only brought me many new customers, but has also opened up the conversation with a heck of a lot of readers I barely knew existed for they had not until now been able to justify the cost of the most coveted downloads in the store. It has been an absolute joy to know that by sacrificing only a few dollars I have been able to deliver a little bit more Brocante into the lives of those who took up my offer to name their price, most with generosity and gratitude.

However the whole lovely caboodle has not been without it's hiccups: some of those who named their price forgot to tell me what they were naming it for and thus I have no idea what they were ordering! Some in-boxes refused the heavy load delivery of the gorgeous Housekeeping Superstar Subscription and some Darling housekeepers got themselves in quite a muddle indeed! Hopefully by now after a few hours of solid work, everybody has got the right downloads, errant in-boxes have now accepted the huuuuge Superstar subscriptions and all of you absolute precious Darlings are curled up somewhere across the planet with a long tall glass of something and a stack of puttery, Brocante inspiration in your hands.

But just in case you are not, I am extending the offer for twenty four hours so that we can catch up with each other and all those who missed this rather wonderful offer because they were busy enjoying an Easter break can take advantage of it. And so the NAME YOUR PRICE offer will end at midnight tomorrow evening (Tuesday) and then it will be back to business at usual here on Brocante, with much food for thought about future pricing decisions to be made and an all new download on the way.

In the meantime I am going to have another hot toddy and then take my sky high temperature up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire. I am thoroughly exhausted with delight and rather gutted that such a lovely weekend has been marred by something quite as dull as lady flu!

But thank you. Yes. A million times thank you. I cannot say it often enough tonight.

Sleep tight won't you?