My Sister and I...

meandhelen3 I very rarely visit Facebook, because amongst all the millions of other things I have to do online I just don't remember to check it. But then last night I was idly browsing the corridors of the internets and happened across these photo's of myself and my sister Helen that she had posted to her timeline and I thought I would post them here so that you can share proof that I was an angel and my little sister has always, always, had a glint of cheekiness in her eye...


Look at her chubby cheeks! And look how very much I am a little girl version of Finley!


Ooh and look at our snazzy matching quilted waistcoats! This was taken in Wales, in Betws Y Coed, probably shortly before Dad slipped on the rocks and did himself a damage, falling right in..

Lovely memories of the way we were... bless us both.x