More Magazine Maths!

Once upon a time I owned a chichi little interiors store from which I ran my decorating empire, and filled my days wrapping gifts in brown paper and hoping that at any minute Beryl from the newsagents would wander by and give me the "wink". Oh how I looked forward to Beryl winking at me, for in those days, almost fifteen years ago, Beryl was my only route to the magazines from America I could barely wait for: Country Living USA, Martha Stewart, House Beautiful USA and for a short, but oh so precious while, Mary Englebreit, and the wink meant my very own special delivery had arrived and I should abandon my post behind lavender-scented, ribbon stencilled counter and get my bottom around the corner quick to pick them up!

How times have changed. Nowadays we are lucky to have at our fingertips the means to peek inside all these magazines without a middle-lady called Beryl or indeed the astronomical cost of many imported magazines. Yes indeed. One does not in fact have to spend £4.95 on Martha Stewart on the off-chance that W.H.Smith have got it in stock, if one is willing to abandon the urge to hold it in paper.

While I hesitate to write a post about something that divides all us lovely housekeepers into the haves and the haven'ts, for just this once I am going to suspend any fear of offending the haven'ts by speaking to all those blessed amongst us with an iPad. (We do know how very, very lucky we are don't we?)  Because by combining  the iPad Kindle App with one's own iPad one can reduce the cost of monthly subscription via the ipad to the equivalent of just £1.05 ($1.65) per issue. With two weeks free trial. Hell yeah, that's good maths!

While it is also possible to buy these magazines through iBooks, British customers would still be paying £2.49 per issue for Martha Stewart, though that price does include the snazzy iPad only extra content and is probably worth it occasionally for the sheer pleasure of watching a magazine spring to life, talk back at you or provide links to all the loveliness being described. (The Oprah iPad enabled issue is particularly wonderful!)

But for the month in and month out pleasure of exploring life on the other side of the Atlantic I must tell you how absolutely delighted I am with the Kindle versions of Oprah, Martha, Country Living, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Yoga Journal and Natural Health. They all cost buttons and arrive in my iPad Kindle app month in and month out with a lovely little ping of Here I am, abandon any plans you have made and curl up!

In these straitened times anything that still allows us to enjoy the teeny pleasures we once took for granted makes sense doesn't it?

You are welcome.x