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Hot dawg! How I miss having home access to the internet: it's causing me no end of grief! How's a woman to call herself a good housekeeper if she's so wrapped up in her own fur lined little bubble, she didn't even know our very own Domestic Goddess has a blog all of her own?

Normal service will be resumed as soon as I can afford  broadband access again: life is a whirl of bills and birthdays and school activities that quite frankly cost a fortune and leave me scraping around my money box for inspiration and erm... bread.

In the meantime BrocanteHome will come from libraries and laptops across the nation.

Have a gorgeous Thursday Housekeepers. Tis raining here but theres Cosy Potato soup bubbling on the grill and I fully intend to teach myself to knit a pretty little washcloth this afternoon.

Wish me luck. I can't cast on to save my life!

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