Last Month's Salon and Giveaway Winner!

Apologies for not being around in the past few days: life is to say to the least, absolutely mental and at the very last minute my house sale seems to be delayed all over again. But hey ho these things are sent to try us aren't they? Last month's Salon and Living Room competition prize was a copy of The Complete Book of Home Organization and today I am here to announce that the winner has been chosen by random number generator and the results are in!

Book winner

Catherine I do believe it is YOU! And as soon as you send me your home address your book will be delivered directly from Amazon...

Next months prize? 52 Lists for Happiness because having list prompts is quite the most inspirational way to journal your way to authenticity... and the easiest.

The Prize Thread will open in our lovely LIVING ROOM Facebook group next week, but remember you have got to be a member of either the Salon or the Living Room (membership starts at just $15.00 PER YEAR!) to enter our lovely monthly prize draw....

Congratulations Catherine: may every inch of your home be organised...x