Kitchen Couture.


"Tastys' kooky creations are for the fashionista in her culinary lair, so she can simmer in style..."

Dare I say it? Are we all a bit flowered out, Petals? Anyone fancy something a tad more subversive  than the latest Cath print to tra-la-la around the kitchen?

Tasty is the latest in a long line of "Apron Couture" companies- not all of them with the fashion credentials, St Martins graduate, Natasha Mason brings to her quirky, silly, stylish little collection of  pinnies for  big cooks and little cooks alike...

Listing food, English humour, Andy Warhol and Vivienne Westwood as her influences, Natasha's collection includes the really rather yummy brown and pink nod to Marie Antionette above (Let them eat cake!) , a very daft "Hostess with the Mostest" apron complete with printed pearls and an apron plainly designed for me with "Thinking Mans Crumpet" emblazoned all over it.

Enough already with the bad jokes, Miss May. You are not funny. Go crawl into your culinary lair in a silly pinny...