Jimmy the Kitten

Allow me to introduce Jimmy, our new kitten and already a little scrap of nothing destined to be the cutey pie bane of my very existence! He arrived wrapped in a 1970's pillowcase yesterday afternoon and has spent every one of my waking hours since wrapped around my neck, snuggled on my lap or springing his way up my legs and throwing himself into my arms like a baby, because to both Finley and Richard's chagrin little Jimmy the kitten has fallen deeply in love with me as number one provider of food, water and snuggles. Yes M'dears in a fit of a something resembling madness I have opted to make my days a whole lot more complicated. Life has to have some compensations and as this little house isn't big enough to swing the teeny puppy of my dreams, we have opted for the next best thing, a meowy, chatty little eight week old Darling who clearly has no intention of giving me even a moments peace.

Obviously I don't want to bore you with kitty katty details daily, but won't you indulge me just for today? Because here he is, our very own BrocanteHome mascot, cheer for my little boys confused heart and a whole lot of scrumptious mither for me.

Shoot me if I ever refer to him as my fur-baby won't you?