Housekeepers Pep Talks!

So tell me this and tell me no more, have you created a life abundant with routine, ritual and celebration for yourself? Does all the housekeeping advice in the world seem like mumbo-jumbo to you and sooooo not relevant to the chaos that is your daily life? Do you browse through all the downloads here on BrocanteHome, then stash them away in your "One Day I Will Live Like This" compartment and carry on regardless? You are not alone. Housekeeping, no matter what the naysayers may say, is HARD. Creating a routine that works for you and your family isn't a cookie-cutter job and it is oh so very, very difficult to prioritize all the tasks that need doing, alongside planning all the tiny little joys that make life worth living.

So I am pleased to announce a gorgeous, much needed, long-requested service here on Brocantehome: A Housekeepers counselling service I am calling the Pep-Talk, the culmination, my darlings of my twenty years experience of interiors, homemaking and conversations with women like yourselves about keeping house in a way that supports our souls.

You see I want to show you the way to a house that is as fresh as a daisy and a heart that is abundant with houskeeping pride. I want to help you plan all the holidays that matter to your family, while supporting you as together we create a set of daily, weekly, monthly and annual routines that work for the way you want to live. I want to listen to your homemaking dilemmas and offer solutions that will have you smiling as you open your eyes, certain that you are not waking up to a houseful of hell, but can instead skip down the stairs certain that any problems you do have, have nothing whatsoever, to do with a home that runs like clockwork!

So how will the Pep-Talk work?

I don't want you to be intimidated. I don't want you to have to worry about muttering your way through phone calls or skype conversations with me, then putting the phone down or stepping away from the computer, certain that you haven't managed to tell me all that I need to know, or unsure whether I have grasped just how desperate you feel. No. I want you to provide me with all the information I need, in your own time, and in a way that guarantees we both understand exactly how you feel: so my PEP-TALK'S will happen by email, and when we are both happy, I will then create your very own PEP-TALK by snail-mail so that at the end of our counselling relationship, you will have in your hands a set of routines, rituals and guidelines for your housekeeping future alongside a handwritten pep-talk from me and a few other surprise little pretties inside your Brocante dotted parcel.

What Will I Need From You?

Honesty. Commitment to the process so that you can make the most of my time. Timely return of the workshop forms and lists I will be sending you and as much information about the way you live your life and your hopes, plans and homemaking dreams as is humanely possible.

Once you have booked and paid for the service and have been allocated a starting date, the entire process will take up to six weeks from start to finish with the first available date for counselling starting in February with just one pep-talk bookings available per month

What Will You Get?

* A comprehensive set of questionnaires that will take into account all aspects of your life as a housekeeper.

* A snail-mail Welcome letter from yours-truly.

* Workshop materials  to support you as you complete and return the questionnaires.

* Direct, personalised email support from me as and when you need it.

* A twelve week, weekly email program to help you establish the habits you need to create a life full of routine, ritual and celebration.

* A package delivered to your door, with all the routines and ritual lists I have created for you personally,  printed on heavy cream laid paper just perfect for establishing a Housekeepers Planner I hope you will come to rely on.

*  A hand-written Pep-Talk from me, a set of personalized cleaning recipe cards, and a routine/ritual list printed on the back of a gorgeous, laminated vintage card, selected especially for you and just perfect for keeping your routines with you at all times.

* All that and one or two special little surprises besides...

In short, everything YOU need to create a housekeeping routine that works for you, alongside personalized advice for creating the lifestyle of your dreams.

Booking a PEP-TALK.

Pep-talks will commence on a first come, first served basis after payment is made in full. Within forty-eight hours of receiving your booking payment I will issue you a date for the commencement of your PEP-TALK and from that date on I will be available to you for the full four weeks of our counselling relationship, and all necessary materials will be sent to you by email, until the end of the process when you will receive your personalized plans by international snail-mail.

For the first month, there will be just one PEP-TALK spot available so I do advise booking your spot as soon as possible so you can get going on building the domestic life of your dreams as soon as possible...


Payment in full for your very own PEP-TALK is  $250.00. This includes all workshop and planner materials, international postage and everything else besides. There are no further costs unless you decide to take up the Trash It or Treasure counselling module at the end of your PEP-TALK.

Click HERE to Book Your PEP-TALK Now!

I am sooo looking forward to helping you live a lovelier life...

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