Housekeeper's NoticeBoard

Good Morning Gorgeous Ones! Allow me to begin my little list of weekly notices, with a warm welcome to all my new Salon Subscribers this week - I'm giddy with excitement about welcoming you to The School of Life and all the delights to be found within, and I truly hope you will join us in our lovely Facebook community too... Shall we get going? It's been a busy week and I have some lovely newness to share...

Okey Dokey, then allow me to introduce...

BrocanteHome on Medium.Com

I have been blogging here for more years than I care to count now and I love it because it feels like home, but the time has come, now that I am practically geriatric, to expand my horizons a little bit and  spread my message a little bit further afield. And so in the past day or so I have opened a Medium.Com Publication called BrocanteHome (duh!) and I will be re-publishing and creating original content there to further coach those looking to live a life less ordinary.

My work on Medium will be specifically about coaching women to live lives that reflect their most authentic selves and will collate all my existing work on the same subject before I begin to create new posts, so much of the writing will be familiar to you in the first instance, but will over time feature new and original work and will differ there from here as I focus on posts specifically geared towards lifestyle design, self-motivation and nurturing your souls...

You can follow my work there by creating a Medium account, and following me or sharing my writing (the same as you would on Bloglovin). And then you will receive a weekly (or daily if your prefer) digest of my writing and any others you follow on Medium, as well as getting the once monthly Medium only "Love Letters" I will be sending out to those looking to create a life less ordinary of their own.

Click here to read BrocanteHome on Medium.Com here...

This Weeks Bujo Layout!


This week's Life Less Ordinary Bujo sheet is a Daily Journal utilizing some of the original Bullet Journal symbols and a couple of my own Brocante devising...

It is available in the Bujo store for the lowly sum of just $1.00 or you will as always find it in the Salon if you are a member.

Trello For Housekeepers!


Oooh are you ready for this?? If you are a Salon member you have already got exclusive early access to my ingenious, innovative online planner for eventually managing everything from your daily, monthly and annual routines, your meal plans, recipes, favorite blogs, calendar dates, shopping lists, decorating notebooks and soooo much more.


Designed to be as beautiful and functional as everything else in BrocanteHome, Trello For Housekeepers, takes all the effort out of creating systems, routines and rituals for you, and means you can jump right in and customise the system to your hearts content.

Currently available only inside the Salon, ( but coming soon to the store), videos explaining the system are available in the Salon Library and each time a new board is added I will add another video describing how the boards interact with each other and how you can customize them to reflect your own domestic life.

There is nothing like this on the internet and I KNOW you are going to adore it.

Join the Salon form just $20.00 per month me darlings here... 

And Finally An Invitation...

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In the meantime go have a lovely week, cook up a scrumptious storm and above all else remember to be kind to yourself.