HouseKeepers NoticeBoard.


Close your eyes for a second while I bore you with a couple of essential little Brocante notices.

1. There is now a link to the new forum in the top menu as requested.

2.  I have finally got my bottom into gear  and divided the  HouseKeepers Auctions  into  British and American auctions. Dear English girls, I do think as much temptation should be put in your way as  is offerered to our TransAtlantic friends, don't you agree?

3.  By the end of week I hope to have got Amazon.Co.Uk lists sorted as well, because nothing cheers me up quite so fast as the thud of a new book on my doormat.

4.  Very soon, My  Media  Room will be online  with details of new advertising opportunities  on BrocanteHome  for  online  Vintage Boutiques.  Email me if you want more details in the meantime.

5. As soon as I have finished faffing about with the format of BrocanteHome, I will be back to more prolific posting. I do so miss the sound of my own voice.  So heaven help us all...