Well now meal planning can be a bore can't it? I know we are self-declared Vintage Housekeepers and thus prone to getting giddy about every aspect of keeping hearth and home, but I for one sometimes feel like I might just lose my marbles if I find myself answering the whine that is "what's for tea (as we call the evening meal around here)?" on a nightly basis for the rest of my life.  

Enter Hello Fresh...

Which is why I was a teeny bit thrilled when my friend Debbie popped a voucher for a free HelloFresh box in to my Easter card. Free food! And the very notion of planning the evening meal removed, as these lovely boxes deliver all the ingredients, (right down to the last garlic clove!) for the recipes included in the box and a person neither has to shop for food, nor decide what to cook or how to cook it. No brainer meals with quality, fresh ingredients? What's not to like?

Hello Fresh Box Contents

So I ordered a three meal box for two - The Classic Box - which will usually be £39.00 and this morning a very nice man knocked on my door and handed me a box full of ice chilled goodies, beautifully presented and just right for inspiring the urge to grab my pinny and start cooking with the kind of enthusiasm I usually only reserve for baking Martha Stewart's Kitchen Sink cookies these days...

classic box

Now I am a fussy madam. I like good food from quality suppliers and I was not disappointed by the ingredients delivered. All were perfectly, securely packaged and looked deliciously fresh. The three recipes included were Jamie Oliver's Grilled Moroccan Chicken, Smoky Cod and Roasted New Potatoes and Surprisingly Filling Mexican Broth. Nothing too scary there is there? And the instructions are clear, concise and provided on good quality recipes cards just right for starting a collection of quick evening meals I will no doubt refer to again.

Everything necessary is included in just the right quantities, so there is no need to fill your pantry up with obscure spices you may never use again, nor bother your head trying to keep a windowsill full of fresh herbs. No Siree: such efforts are not required because the box is complete with absolutely everything necessary for each individual meal, which strikes me as a money saver all by itself.

My Verdict on HelloFresh?

So what do I think? I think Hello fresh is just the ticket for getting you out of a foodie rut. I think it is economical if you are already committed to buying quality, fresh ingredients and I think it is quite the most perfect way to keep your kitchen uncluttered with ingredients you will not use frequently.  

As I am quite the most overgrown child I get rather giddy when ANYTHING is delivered to my door and opening the Hello Fresh box felt rather like Christmas: making something utterly mundane in to something of a joy and having me studying recipes in a way I had quite forgotten how seen as most nights lately, while we are settling in to our new life, I am winging it with whatever I discover lurking in the fridge!

So yes, I will be ordering from Hello Fresh again and if you live in the UK and you want to do the same I am happy to extend my very own voucher code for £20.00 off your first box, so you can get next weeks shopping for half-price. So that's one of Hello Fresh's Classic Boxes for just £19.99, delivered to your door, and three FREE boxes you can give to your friends to share the love.

Simply hop over to Hello Fresh, choose your box and use the code VQ88UU when prompted to grab your £20.00 discount instantly.

Or if you are in USA, follow this link to HelloFresh.Com and grab your $40.00 discount there...

Bon appetit Housekeepers!

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