Have I Cheered Up the Sad?

If that isn't quite finest question to ask yourself Housekeepers, then I don't know what is. I spotted this darling print from Etsy dealer, RomaWinkle, while prowling around Pinterest, and it struck me as quite the most necessary way to define how we keep house, run our families and indeed lead our lives. Imagine then setting the breakfast table for a row of tired little faces and asking yourself, have I cheered up the sad, and going on to squeeze a jammy smiley face on to each and every slice of toast...

Or staring at a sorry looking mantle-piece and noticing how humdrum and miserable it looks with drippy candles, wobbly cards and a vase of dying flowers. It looks sad. And when something looks sad, it is your job to cheer it up m'lady!

This could quickly become our raisin d'etre: to cheer up the sad! Sad puppies and sad postmen! Sorry looking sandwiches and miserable spaghetti! Tired mums and grouchy children! Badly made beds and grubby sinks! All of it, sad, and all of it, in our power to cheer up!

Heavens: I feel quite giddy. Like I'm setting myself a one woman mission to cheer up the sad when we could be a whole army of dedicated sad cheerer-uppers!

Let's do it: let's cheer up the sad! This Darling's is both a rally cry, a call to cheery arms and a happy little call for action...

Have you cheered up the sad today?