Happy Housewives Club.


Look! Miss Darla Shine has opened the Happy HouseWives Club and not without controversy, bless her!

In a move that has got  some women up in arms,  Darla  has displayed the first bit of  discrimination against working women that  I have ever seen with her "You need to be a SAHM, If you are one, you know what that means...Is this exclusive? YOU BETCHA!"  jokey jibe, aimed presumably, at all those that have been outrageously critical of "Happy HouseWives"...

Goodness. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

One thing is for sure, Darla is rolling up her sleeves for a fight, and I have seen her have no choice but to  jump in and defend her cause on more than one occasion recently. Is such unkindness really necessary?

Oh if only what should be kind of frivolous, didn't have to be so political! Darla's website is fabulous!!

I remain on the side of reason.  Or at least the one that put's my babba first. And to my mind at least, if that means sitting on the fence, seeking contentment wherever I can find it and refusing to be drawn into an argument that has just cause on either side, then so be it.

So shoot me...