Form Before Function.


I get more ridiculous by the day.

I recently changed washing powder. Not because I objected to the eco-credentials of my previous preferred brand, or because it brought me out in a rash or smelled to high heaven. No. Nothing so worthy. I have stopped buying Fairy and started buying Filetti, because for the few moments after I take it  out of my string shopping bag, it looks, in all its pink glory, much prettier sitting on my laundry room work surface...

So ok maybe I was ever so slightly seduced by the pink strands of almond oil and vitamin e, but if the truth be told I am buying Filetti because it has pink packaging, and the fact that I have to add my own oils to scent my laundry is apparently not an issue when the manufacturers have seen fit to wrap their product in a happy colour...

That is ludicrous and I know it, especially as it is no sooner admired than it is decanted into my powder pink laundry tin and the ever so desirable cardboard chucked on the recycling pile.

Perhaps I need help.