It is snowing again: a mere flutter of the stuff, perhaps the equivalent of a dusting of icing sugar, but snow all the same, so I am in need of a dose of prettiness to offset the sheer panic of it. And voila, I happen across these gorgeous labels from Flourish and am possessed by a fit of puttery loveliness apparently oblivious to the nasty, slippy white stuff,and instead seduced by a glassine envelope. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. You could sell me a tin of spam if you popped it in a glassine envelope and tied it with a bow.

    I'm sorry. As soon as Spring arrives, and those divine little purple crocuses are poking their heads through the soil in my terracotta pots, I will give up moaning.

    I promise. In the meantime, go label your life.

    On My Wishlist...