Fallow Times

fal·low /ˈfalō/ Adjective Plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility...

As sure as night follows day, I can guarantee that a period of intense activity, creativity and production here on BrocanteHome, will be followed by an introspective low, marked by the urge to retreat, to nest, to suffer the slings and arrows of the common cold and minor infections and to hide away doubting myself and everything BrocanteHome is.

This time my silence was triggered by an outrageous throaty, achey long-winded infection both Finley and I have suffered and a throwaway remark from my Mum, who told me, I think from the kindness of her worried, lovely heart, that BrocanteHome had gone a bit... rubbish.


And so I hid away. My body slumped and caught a cold and the house fell down while I dwelt on my next move and fed my son a herbal tonic and ate beansprouts and helped at the school fair and attended meetings about Finn's inability to sit still, and read a lot of books and worried myself silly about how to drive BrocanteHome into it's tenth year online without boring my darling readers (and my Mum!) silly.

I remain flummoxed. And so my lovelies, I am going to seek your direct, anonymous opinion. You see, just as I deeply welcome my Mum's opinion, because it has opened my eyes to what it is quite possible I have become blind to, so to does your opinion matter to me equally.

Despite all my chaotic, creative, exhausting faults, BrocanteHome is my life and I desperately want it to remain a place that matters to you too. So will you do me a huge favor, and click the link below to fill out a short survey to help me the shape the future of Brocantehome? I would so very much appreciate it and I welcome new and familiar voices: though please be assured that all answers are anonymous and I will not know who has submitted each survey, so you are free to be as honest as you need to be...

Click here to take part in the survey now (pretty please!)..