Lavender House Vintage with Emma

I do believe that telling a story is quite the most wonderful way to sell your little somethings on Etsy  and in my humble opinion, nobody does it better than Emma at Lavender House Vintage. Her pictures speak of the kind of old fashioned humble domesticity I so adore and just browsing around her little shop is the kind of pleasure I reserve for sitting at my farmhouse table with a crumbly piece of raspberry shortbread and a pot of tea.

emma at LHV2

I could quite happily climb in to her pictures. Fold the linen on the airer and tie it up with string...

emmat at LHV3

Take an afternoon nap under the cosiest of English eiderdowns...

emma at LHV4

And then wander down to the shops with my wicker basket swinging at my elbow.

emma at LHV5

Yes. I do believe Emma's world is my idyll. Visit her on Etsy and at Lavender House Vintage and transport yourself to a gentler way of life too.

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