Elle Decoration.


There are days when you wonder whether your views are strangely at odds with your generation and others when you are certain you are talking to the wall.

Today, thank God is not one of those days.

Browsing through Elle Decoration I came across this message from the editor, Michelle Ogundehin...

"Authenticity, I hope will be the watchword of 2005, bringing with it the end of mediocrity, dumbing down, pale imitations and hopefully "celebrity" as a measure of success and authority. In my book, it's high time for re-evaluated attitudes; a new integrity driven look at design, life and the universe! Let's applaud quality, sincerity, honesty, loyallty and committment: and people fuelled by passion, positivity, ideas and innovation. Be true to yourself and the people and the things you love..."

..and by the time I'd finished reading it I was almost tingling with excitement. In my book, authenticity and integrity are the only things that truly matter and I am delighted to see one of the country's leading design bibles finally acknowledging it. Well said Michelle.

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