Does God Wear A White T-Shirt?




Mum, does God wear a white T-shirt?

Well baby, I don't know- said I, the least religious Mummy on the planet- You see  no-one has ever seen God...

'Cept  me Mum.

You've seen God, Finley?

Yeah.. know yesterday when I was  doing boogey-ing  in the dining room?

Yes, said I picturing him shimmying in and out of a shaft of sunlight....

I was  dancing in God's torch then Mum. He was shining it on me.

Well goodness me Finley, that means you are a very special little boy...

I am special Mum, when I close my eyes, there are rainbows in my head.

There are rainbows in my little boys head. Oh that we should all be so very blessed.

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