Charlotte Casadejus.


Did you ever have the feeling that your life is too loud?

That peace flew out the window when you weren't looking?

Take my horrible green landing wallpaper away. Move half the things on my kitchen counter. Insist that the Tv is turned off for at least a good part of the day. Try to cure my internet addiction. Remove Finley's voicebox. Pull out the phones. Hide away all my florals and replace them with the bliss of starched white monogrammed linen. Let me learn to sit in silence. All by myself. Without the need for constant gratification. Eat simply. Turn down the voices in my head. Take up the patterened carpet in the bathroom.  Stop buying so many magazines.  Dull the want....

Hush now. Please?

Oh for a life  created in  the mind's eye of Charlotte  Casadejus.