Ch, Ch, Changes!

Last night I dreamt that I went to the hairdressers for the kind of sleek haircut I will never be able to sport in real life. I cried as Pierre Cardin (!) snipped away at my curly locks but afterwards I was thrilled with my new do and wandered about insisting all and sundry take a good look and congratulate me on my bravado. This then was about change wasn't it? It was about taking control of my head and not running away from what might happen if I turned my world upside down. Yet in real life I really hate change. When people say a change is as good as a rest I want to smack them because frankly it isn't. Change is disconcerting and gives a person heartburn but unfortunately sometimes change is necessary for survival and survival cannot be avoided unless we are willing to collapse into a heap and let gloom wash over us.

Don't know about you but I do believe gloom must be avoided at all costs. Gloom you see, can kill a person so dead she can find herself wandering around in just a wrinkly old body, her soul having long flown the nest that was her beehive.

So yes, change is necessary sometimes. Even when it pinches so hard you worry about permanent bruising.

Where am I going with this? Am I about to take flight and live in a teepee in some far flung nether region? No. I am about to put my prices up here at Brocantehome because it is necessary for survival and I need to start valuing the many hours I put in here on the site, creating and curating this pretty little world for us.

I have, you see, watched my contemporaries fly. I have seen them raise their prices, (occasionally astronomically!) and still I have sat here nursing my little chicks and refusing to give life to the darlings, just in case they hadn't grown wings. I haven't valued myself enough to dare to imagine that people would not balk at prices that haven't gone up in almost five years.

I am also doing away with the monthly payment option for Superstars at the end of this month (though not of course for existing subscribers), because sadly, far too many women have taken advantage of my generosity and paid just one or two months, before  downloading every single one of my downloads and then cancelling their subscription. That makes me sad. It hurts. And though I could go down the legal route and chase payment, I truly want to be able to conduct business only with women who value me too,   understand the many, many hours I work to make Housekeeping Superstardom a reality, and are willing to create relationships based on trust and integrity.

So here's the deal:

All existing price options, including Monthly subscriptions will be available for old and new subscribers,  until the end of July 2014.

Then on August 1st, the prices of EVERYTHING will go up, so if you need to renew, or your subscription has lapsed then you need to get busy to take advantage of the lower price before it goes up significantly...

This then is the time to become a Superstar, order a planner or get started on one of lovely (life-changing) programmes like Trash It or Treasure It or The Art of Homemaking. It might just be time for you too, to make a few changes and there can be no better place to start than getting your domestic life in order!

Going forward I truly hope I can continue to serve you all: that Brocantehome can continue to grow and that each and everyone of you knows that I am fully committed to making it as scrumptious as possible...

Click here to visit my lovely download store or click below to join, or indeed renew your Housekeeping Superstar subscription...

Pay $12.00 Monthly!

Pay $33.00 Quarterly!

Or Pay Just $99.00 Annually!

Happy Housekeeping Darlings!

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