Brocante Noticeboard

Good morning to you all on what is turning out to be the most scrumptiously Autumnal Saturday morning. I am just popping in to share a few notices about BrocanteHome before I sign off for the weekend, because little Miss PartyPants here has got yet another event to attend this evening. There's no rest for the wicked don't you know? So this missive comes to you from a woman currently smothered in unguents, potions and the kind of vicious hair dye highly likely to leave brunette trickles down my back that I cannot see and no-one shall be kind enough to mention. I just wasn't cut out for all this Do-It-Yourself pampering: if its not hair dye making me look like something out of a horror film, its fake tan turning my knuckles orange and razors cutting my hairy legs to shreds!

Dear me, this post is going a-wandering! I wanted to say that I have re-packaged the Brocante Manifesto and you can download it right here . I had intended to re-write it, but when I looked at the manifesto I originally wrote for our lovely site, it struck me that every words remains true, and that my intentions are still aligned in the same way. And so it is exactly what it was. But pretty in pink and with a "getting started at BrocanteHome" guide at the back, that you probably don't need if you have been following me for any length of time!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the response to the re-opening of The Vintage Housekeeper's Circle. It is still in it's infancy and Ste and I are currently working night and day to make sure that all the systems are in place and that the behind-the-scenes stuff is working just as it should be. That so many of you have joined is an absolute delight to me, and though not all of you are chatting in the forum yet, it is turning in to such a lovely community and I feel so very honoured to have gathered such a lovely group of women together.

This side of Christmas there are likely to be quite a few more changes to the site as I fine-tune it all with the kind of clarity and strength of purpose I have not felt in quite a few years. I know you are seeing the difference and I am so grateful for the supportive emails you are sending. Essentially I am having to re-do many of the things I un-did when life became so very difficult, but once it is done I HEREAFTER PROMISE TO STOP MESSING WITH THINGS THAT DON'T NEED MESSING WITH!

Finally I have re-opened my affiliate program with a better and more reliable system. There will be more details next week, but you can sign up right here and get promoting everything in the Brocante Store asap, because I am offering 50% of every sale you make and love the idea of sharing a little BrocanteHome with you.

Oooh and The Art of Homemaking is one of Kindles FREE books this weekend, so if you haven't got it today is the day to march your bottom over to Amazon and grab it as soon as possible.  Oooh and I am thoroughly enjoying writing The Christmas Countdown and really hope you are loving it too...

Ok that's all folks. This hair dye is in danger of turning a bit Morticia.

Have a lovely weekend!