Brocante Goes Social

Yesarooney, positoony, BrocanteHome now has it's very own dedicated Fan Page on the now ubiqtuous Facebook.

There I will be posting links to new posts on Brocante, news about what I am working on, early invites to new downloads, quick links to all the gorgeousness around the t'internet and links to all the special offers for online retailers I get sent and never quite manage to fit into posts here on Brocante, and you will find all this and more right there in your Facebook stream without ever having to go navigating the waters of the url address bar again. Genius mais non?

In other news, subscription for Season Two of the Vintage Housekeepers Circle is now closed, in time for the launch of all new Christmas Countdown coming later this month. The current season will end on October 31st, following the completion of the current Seasonal Scrub and a few weeks of all new Puttery Treats in celebration of our deliciously fresh, spanking clean homes that I hope you will all enjoy!

In the meantime do add your name to the no-obligation mailing list for Season Three here (starting at the beginning of January 2010) and I would be absolutely delighted to see you over on Facebook...

P.S: Look out for the BrocanteHome 5th Birthday Celebrations coming in November won't you?? Five years online, heavens above where did the time go? How come blogging still feels just as wonderful as ever..?

I do love you all so very, very much, you know?