Another Saturday Night

In each post I sit down to write, I try to tell you something, to acknowledge out loud all those things we are not allowed to feel, to teach you something or direct you to a new book, a new site or a new treasure. I have made it my life's purpose not just to share the minutiae of my day but to try to inspire you at every turn. And then there are nights like this: when there is very little to say. Almost nothing but the ordinary to share. Richard working in the kitchen fitting a Belfast Sink. A friend here drinking Merlot and planning Christmas with us. Low light. A fig scented candle.  A cheese  and chilli cracker supper. A kitten on my knee. A book on my Kindle. A night in front of the TV planned. X-Factor, I'm a Celebrity... all the ordinary.

All the precious, gorgeous ordinary. Oh how I treasure you now.

Have a lovely weekend Housekeepers. Do be kind to yourself won't you?