A Way of Life...

A Way of Life

Have I ever told you, that try as I might, less is more is not my forte? That the other day, when I told you that as a result of my coursework for the Elite Blog Academy, I would be re-categorising my blog posts in to five sections. Sections that would act as pillars for the Brocante Way of Life?

Well yes. Five turned in to six. Heck, five is the new six don't you know? For the past few days I have been up to my eyes, re-categorising existing posts and so far I have only managed to get through about half of the 2000 posts on the site so please bear with, won't you?

But now without further ado, I hereby present the six new categories of posts on BrocanteHome: categories that I dreamt up after many an hour debating what it was I really want to share here on the site and how I can best convey that to you, my lovely readers... 



Twelve years ago I created BrocanteHome to share my love of vintage housekeeping and since then it has grown and changed as indeed I have, to represent not just a way to keep house, but to my mind, a way of life.

My readers are special. They are creative home birds with rich inner lives, and a capacity for simple abundance. They enjoy keeping house, reading (lots of) books, creating rewarding home-based businesses, seeking alternative, natural remedies to all that ails them and blessing their days with teeny tiny treats that delight them. And they do all this from houses that are more than homes, they are sanctuaries for their very souls.

And so my first category is Sanctuary: a place where you will find all things pertaining to loving your home, keeping house and creating the kind of routines, rituals and celebrations that will help you create a life less ordinary...



Next up is Authenticity. The category in which I have gathered my most personal, authentic writing. If you are looking for my story (and oh what a story it is!), you will find it in this section.  My morning pages, thoughts, and longer essays on what it is to live the Brocante way in the midst of an oh so real life is all here...


Well Being

Like you, I am getting older and in the process my priorities are changing. I want to live well. To be well. To not die shockingly early from a disease a better way of life could have prevented, like my Mum did. To not feel like I am close to losing my marbles daily because I do make mindful decsions about the products I use and the food I eat.

I think about my own well-being all the time, and I want you to think about it too. So the category Well Being  is dedicated to keeping an eye on our most essential selves: little tiny somethings we can do to simply feel better as part of the rituals and routines we adhere to as part of the BrocanteHome way of life. In it you will find my own life audits, as well as personal puttery treats, reminders to live well and little somethings you can buy to fill up your comfort drawer and enrich your daily routines...



Next up is Bibliotherapy because words are my life. And so in this section you will find book recommendations, quotes, poetry, and thoughts on reading, all with a deliciously domestic slant and all designed to remind you that reading feeds our mind, enriches our souls and inspires us to commit to creating a better way of life for ourselves and our family.

creativity (1)


My Creativity category is a delicious muddle of inspirational women, thoughts on working from home, arty snippets, recommended courses and tools for blogging that will help you as you set out on your very own creative journey. Designed simply to inspire you to forge your own creative path right there at your kitchen table, this section will eventually become a beautiful resource for all those of who looking to make your house your place of work too...



And finally we come to the Noticeboard. The sixth cog on a wheel that should have only five. But it turns out I needed a place for all the notes about new downloads and books to live. A place for all general site notifications (like this one!) and thoughts about where BrocanteHome is heading as the years go by. So if you are looking for new product information or the release date of a planner, this is the place to start...

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And there we have it readers: the first of a series of changes I will be making as I slim down life at BrocanteHome and try to bring a little more order to proceedings. Over on the home page today I have removed even more of the clutter to focus primarily on the content to be found of the site and to make it easy to see the latest blog posts in a Pinterest like wall I hope you will enjoy.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts...

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