A Reclaimed Life

A Reclaimed Life

When we embark upon a decorating project, whether it be re-fitting a fireplace or churning up our outdoor space and turning it into the garden of our dreams, we have a choice: to drag our sorry bottoms to Ikea and the sheds dedicated to commercial clutter OR to go treasure hunting in the kind of junk shops and reclamation places like Cawarden Reclaim, sure to make our interior loving hearts skip a beat or two...

We Vintage Housekeepers know exactly how it feels to discover treasure. For don't we spend many an hour searching for pretty plates and tole painted waste-paper baskets? Wouldn't we give our eyes teeth to discover just the right painting to hang over our eiderdown covered bed? We are so used to hunting for the vintage alternative to whatever modern need we have when it comes to frippery, yet so very often less patient about seeking vintage fixtures and fittings and yet (oh my!) there are truly lovely ways to add a sense of history to our homes if only we would take the time to hunt for them.

metal planter

Thus, impatience and idolness are the enemies of the authentic interior. And so today is the day we resolve to stop seeking quick, cheap fixes and instead commit to living a reclaimed life -  putting our money where our heart is; giving up imagining that home, or any room in it can be built in a day, or that period features can be replicated from MDF.


This m'dears is a rally cry! A call to all of us aching to live a life decorated in a little bit of yesterday. A house draped in authenticity. A home built from the kind of resources that already exist and do not exact further demand on an already exasperated Mother Nature!


A home that cannot be replicated by those shopping in the same stores. A home that does not speak of compromise, but instead describes commitment and passion for a life well lived. An unhurried, careful interior and a life lived in it that both pays homage to yesterday and respect for our earth's natural resources.


Let us seek antique fireplaces that make lighting a real fire an absolute pleasure. Lets plant trailing ivy in old chimney pots and line pebbly paths with reclaimed edgers. Lets bathe in an old claw-foot bath and eat lunch at a table fashioned from railway sleepers. And lets stop filling gaps with temporary, ugly solutions and instead hold out until we have got both the time and the money to find an answer to a decorative problem that does not compromise our our domestic values, nor insult our aesthetic desires.

Today is the day we commit to living a reclaimed life.  

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