A Puttery Year Companion

2013 is but a hop, a skip and a jump away and my thoughts are already turning to what it is to have the gorgeous blank slate that is a New Year upon us. Nothing thrills me like January. December  might be all about children, family and mince-pies, but January is about me. And this house. And my life in it. It is an opportunity to start-over annually, and though many of my resolutions quickly fall by the wayside, at least one of the new habits I try to acquire sticks even if it is only something as lowly or as simple as remembering to drink a soothing tea before bedtime or making sure I change my dish sponge regularly.

Small things add up to a beautiful life and as each year goes by I can see how my own life is becoming an authentic reflection of that I always dreamed I would live. Perhaps with it's own twists and turns, but all the same, a life I am proud to enjoy.

I see 2013 as a year in which I have to, at forty, not re-invent myself, but to begin instead, a process of consolidation. Thus stabilising that which I already have, developing that which I already am, and shaking off the constant urge to re-invent a wheel which will continue to turn regardless. I want to be a better version of me. To offer you a more consistent experience here on Brocantehome. To feel safer in these four walls and to know that tomorrow will be kind because I have made sure of it. 2013 might just bring change of the kind I can neither foresee, nor control, but I hope that at the heart of the year, my dedication to fostering tiny joys will see me through it.

Which brings me to The Puttery Year Companion Book. A new download I intend to deliver on the first of January 2013 to accompany my Year of Puttery Treats. A little something to cajole you and remind you to take each month and squeeze as much puttery, seasonal joy out of it as you can. A challenge to make sure that in each and every day of 2013 you add a little puttery delight to at least one part of your heart or home.

More details of The Puttery Year Companion will follow soon and it will go on sale ONLY between the 1oth and the 31st of December ready for delivery of the first day of the New Year. Housekeeping Superstars will of course find it available for download free of charge in the Superstar pages...

Which makes this a good time to remind you that we are in the final forty eight hours of PAY WHAT YOU WANT WEEK. Which means you can grab A Year of Puttery Treats or any of my other downloads in the store for whatever price you can afford, or indeed guarantee delivery of  my newest download by becoming a Housekeeping Superstar for the extra-special price of just $80.00!

Let's make 2013 our prettiest, putteriest yet!