A Bit of Housekeeping

No me Dears: not the kind you and I both savour. The kind that finds a person fiddling with her comment system and worrying about how her site appears on the now prevalent mobile device... Yes. It is that time of year again, when dissatisfaction sets in and resolution takes over, aided and abetted by the beautiful, wet  stillness of January. So forgive me if I disappear for a few days while I put the finishing touches to The Art of Homemaking (due for launch next Tuesday... pinnies at the ready?) and fiddle about with the problems on the site?

You see the jungle drums have been a-rumbling and though I am officially as deaf as a post, I pressed my ear to the ground and heard them: there are some things that aren't working around here and you have been kind enough to let me know.

Comments have fallen dramatically at BrocanteHome since I installed the Livefyre comment system. Indeed all my own comments have recently miraculously vanished, necessitating a new Livefyre profile (and deeply mourning the last one)  and there are some comments dear old Livefyre just will not publish at all, so your much appreciated efforts have often been in vain. Furthermore my friend Kath (who is the least tech-savvy person I know) cannot fathom how to read BrocanteHome on her new iPad because it is formatted with Onswipe, a plugin that jiggles all my posts into a flick friendly newspaper style affair and confuses the frilly pants off all those who were expecting polka dots, a situation further aggravated by the fact that commenting is apparently a terribly difficult business.

So I cannot apologise enough. Sometime apps and plugins make me come over a little giddy and I make changes that do nothing other than show off my ability to get a little fancy without adding anything to the Brocante readers experience and occasionally making the kind of changes that are in fact detrimental to the long term future of my lovely site.

But enough already! My 2012 word of the year is SIMPLIFY, and I am applying it to everything in my life from the spices in my cupboard to the aesthetics and theme of BrocanteHome itself.

Very soon I will be looking to make things easier around here: from commenting on my latest post to reading Brocante on the bus. I want to re-ignite the spark I once felt when I visited my own site, re-connect with you and go back to the kind of subjects that were not constantly draped in self-obsessed sorrow!

I plan to strip away all the bells and whistles here on the site, hush the aesthetic noise, tackle all that has become lacklustre and ultimately make the decision to TRASH IT or TREASURE IT if I want to secure both mine and Finn's future.

Does that make sense Sweeties? I promise my intention is only to tackle the surplus, not to dilute the essence of BrocanteHome as I truly hope there are many more Brocante New Years in all our futures...

You see some days are about the dull stuff: about finally getting around to ironing out the creases in the tea-towels like Mary Swoford in Dorian Allworthys atmospheric portrait above...

Have a lovely day Housekeepers.x