Welcome to Christmas In Our House

Hmmm. A cup of chai to warm the cockles of my heart and a bowl of chocolate muesli for a moments indulgence. Too much to do: tea to be served at the school nativity, fairy lights to be strung, a naked tree to be decorated and friends to entertain. And in the midst of it all a kitchen in a beautiful shambles: a cream stove bought for a song on Ebay, a new dishwasher on it's way, kitchen cupboards so far hung without doors, half a worktop in place, and still I cannot resist hanging out Greengate teatowels, lighting too many candles and pouring a solution of quite the most festively divine of cinnamon disinfectant down the drain just for the sheer domestic pleasure of it.

Then there is Jimmy: the most affectionate kitten on the planet. A new Welcome mat at the door. A child gearing up to be a disco dancing donkey in the Nativity. A man long and languid, arriving each evening carrying arms full of ideas for an easier life. And homely meals cooked in an oven that actually does what it is supposed to do...

Now there is cheese and chive bread baking, a tray full of lemon poppy seed muffins cooling and a kitten sprawled across my laptop as I type. There are twinkly lights everywhere, a basket full of tree decorations waiting for our eight year old master of  ceremonies to come home and dictate proceedings to the tune of The Santa Claus Express and a recipe for a pomegranate cocktail waiting to be mixed up to toast the landing of a little fairy on the top of our tree.

This then is Christmas in our house. May yours be equally as blessed.