550 Puttery Treats!

Do you adore BrocanteHome Puttery Treats? Scrumptious little to-do's designed to bring a little vintage housekeeping happiness into your life? How would you like to have one lovely little treat land in your in-box everyday of the year? One tiny little missive reminding you to make life lovely every evening

Written to reflect the seasons, these 365 ALL-NEW puttery treats will see you through the year on a wave of loveliness and lavender, reminding to incorporate ritual and celebration in your year and routine and vintage housekeeping values into your day.

Examples of my Puttery Treats?

* Make chilly Summer evenings smell deliciously fresh by using coils of dried lemon skin as fire-starters with twigs and bundled newspapers. Dry the skins by baking them in the oven on a very low temperature and storing them in a vintage mason jar away from the light.

* Re-connect with your partner. Designate a gorgeous notebook to a "written conversation". Leave it in your bathroom or a bedside drawer and use it to write down the things it is sometimes hard to say. Sorry. I love you because. Please put the bins out! It will in the long term become a gorgeous record of love, forgiveness, hopes and dreams.

* Gift each child in the house a potted plant of their choice for their bedroom and teach them the gentle art of nurture and responsibility.

* Use long tall pasta jars to keep knitting needles away from little hands all to willing to use them as Star Wars light sabers. Display with glass jars full of leftover yarn for impromptu knitting projects and gorgeous displays of texture and colour.

* Choose a vintage recipe card box and fill it with cards documenting special events, outings, parties and holidays in your families life. Note dates, places, addresses, people, menu's and tiny little photos of each event for something that will eventually become a treasured record of some of the teeny tiny details we all too often forget.

* Sew precious vintage buttons in rows upon a sumptuous piece of velvet and store rolled up in your sewing box so you never again have to go rooting for them.

* Turn vintage tray cloths into lavender scented envelopes for matching underwear sets. Pile them prettily in your underwear drawer.

Scrumdiddlydumptious mais non? Mais oui!

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