50 Apps For Happy Housewives

I am a vintage housekeeping geek. I want all the pretty with half of the bother and I want a life thoroughly integrated with all that is terribly modern so I can free my head up for more exciting, old-fashioned things... In the past three years life as a vintage geek has become the kind of wonderful that sometimes threatens to overwhelm us, which is why my darlings I have taken it into my head to draw up a list of fifty fabulous apps (plucked from a cast of thousands!) for both the computer and the mobile, which can help us live a life less ordinary, without the faff of trying to keep track of routines and rituals, housekeeping plans, chore charts, financial management, child's play and so very much more!

This is my first download of the New Year and it is an utterly scrumptious one: 

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* A list of  more than fifty gorgeous apps which will TRANSFORM your housekeeping life!

* My top ten personal faves and how I use them at Chez Brocante...

* Instructions on integrating apps into existing routines and rituals and creating HOUSEKEEPERS CENTRAL online and mobile...

* And a collection of utterly lovely puttery treats to drag your inner housekeeper into the 21st Century!


This is a timely download because there are now so very many ways to improve our housekeeping lives with the help of technology and now, more than ever before, we have access to the phones, tablets and laptops we need to create one point on-line in which to manage our housekeeping lives...

So if you are struggling with budgets, kids chores, lifestyle balance, vision board planning, recipe planning, receipt management, routine tracking, vegatable garden planning or one of the hundred other little jobs that make for a balance, relaxed life at home, then this is the download for you, for I have spent a silly amount of time sorting out the wheat from the chaff JUST FOR YOU, so you can get organised and feel free to do something a little more creative than getting that budget to balance or making sure you are getting enough nutrients in your Paleo diet!

Half-Price Today!

The download goes live on Monday 28th April for the lowly sum of $20.00, but if you order it before Monday 21st April, then you can grab it half-price for just $10.00!

Just click the button below to order and your download will be delivered to your in-box on Monday 28th April.

Oooh and P.S: don't forget that this download is ABSOLUTELY FREE for all my lovely Housekeeping Superstars...

Happy Housekeeping Darlings!