By Corey Amaro.


Church bells and the aroma of freshly baked baguettes.

The cafe au lait bowls set out the night before ready for breakfast.

The kettle whistling.

White towels and steamed up bathroom mirror.

Van Clef perfume on my wrists.

Fluffed up pillows, making up the bed.

A kiss on each side of the cheeks to each of my loved ones.

Neighbours cat's daily stroll through our garden.

Turning on the computer visiting friends.

Bare feet tucked underneath me.

Glasses that slip off my nose.

Blue jeans, woollen turtleneck, and a scarf wrapped around my neck.

The hum of the washing machine.

The never ending heap of ironing made enjoyable by rosewater.

Burst of creativity in the song of mundane.

Traffic jams softened by daydreams.

Sweet tooth cravings that hound me.

Searching for the word in French...

by calling my husband.

Waiting for the morning sunlight,

to come through the dining room window so I can take a photo.

The daily rituals of living, are not the rules of routine, they are the touches of passion that keep the heart beating.



*This is the first in a series of posts from the unique and beautiful Corey Amaro from Tongue In Cheek. I give her a word (ritual) and she provides us with the closest thing to poetry  any of us ever come close to in our weblogs. I truly hope you love her work as much as  I do, because it is an honour to have her here writing at BrocanteHome.*


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