2014 - The Year of the Vintage Rug

This is a sponsored guest post. Enjoy! Before there were carpet fitters, wooden floor specialists and tiling experts, the rug was the most popular way to furnish homes and interiors. As far back as the ancient times, artisans and skilled rug makers have been designing, creating and exploring the vintage and regal realms of rug design.

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and are woven all around the world; encapsulating the changing culture and varying vitality of the world’s nations. From striking patterns to geometric masterpieces, rugs are both a practical and aesthetic solution, perfect for complimenting any interior.

A New Year, A New Look

Rugs bring a certain essence of sophistication and class to a room, providing that finishing touch whilst doubling as a stylish feature. With interior design an ever-changing industry, it appears that the rug is making its long-awaited and anticipated return.

We've teamed up with Fab Flooring, who possess over 40 years’ experience in the flooring industry, to inspire your New Year’s makeover.

#1 - Pattern

Many rugs nowadays are utilised to compliment the modern home, but the beauty of a rug is that it can be as bold and brash as you want it to be. If you’re looking for a real antique look then opt for floral, pictorial and medallion rugs that capture the culture and history of its origin.

#2 - Colour

The colours of your vintage rug need to be striking, yet in-tune with its surroundings. Worn and aged rugs will bring a real shabby-chic look whilst contrasting colours won’t fail to grab its audience’s attention. With such a pallet of rich, soft, pastel and neutral colours to choose from, why not think about designing your own vintage rug?

#3 - Size

The size of a rug is often overlooked by many as they uncontrollably fall in love with a design or style. But a rug that is too big or too small sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. Don’t just purchase your vintage or custom rug on looks; think how it will fit into your existing interior or new design.

#4 - Material

Antique rugs are often made from sheep’s wool, cotton and silk, which is what gives them a real rustic and authentic look and makes them so appealing. With modern day synthetics however, it is much easier to recreate this with more durable and long-lasting fabrics so be sure to consult with an expert as to the right material for you.

#5 - Location

The final thing to consider is where you are intending to position your vintage rug. Will it feature in the lounge? Are you looking to compliment your dining hall? Act as an entranceway in your hall perhaps? Or a personal addition to your bedroom? Think about what demands and elements your rug will likely be exposed to – muddy shoes, spilled drinks, stains.

Whatever rug you choose, whether an expensive antique, a vintage shabby-chic look or a completely custom design, you will know exactly what to look for, for your vintage 2014.

Phil Warrington, a vintage interior design blogger, talks about what to look for when purchasing a vintage or custom rug in association with Fab Flooring.