Join My Secret Society Today (Pretty Please?)


BrocanteHome has been online for over thirteen years now and since the day I wrote my very first post I knew that there was a book I would have to bide my time to write. 

A book that would piece together all that I know about the living well, the many tenets of living life the Brocante way and within its covers the only guide to living a life less ordinary you will ever need.

In my mind I have always known what that book would say. What it could mean to those women already committed to living a life less ordinary and those who have no idea how very easy it is to be whole, even when your domestic life seems determined to peck you apart.

In my mind I have already written the book, but in reality it has always been on the backburner because I have never been able to afford to write it, because I am so busy writing all the things I need to write to keep my head above water.

You see here's the thing: blogging is hard. And more than that, blogging is expensive and it doesn't pay quite as well as all the famous bloggers would have you believe UNLESS you are willing to sell your soul to the sponsored post. The sidebars cluttered with paid adverts. The constant affiliate sale posts. The SEO posts designed to shoot the blog to the front of Google and sacrifice reasonable writing in the process. The constant selling of this, that and the other disguised as recipe posts, or other tutorials. Because all this happens everyday and we have all got used to clicking past pop-ups and navigating around adverts and though we are tolerating it all because we understand that for many blogs compensation is so very necessary in order to stay online, I don't think anyone of us believe it adds anything to our experience of the blog itself.


When I moved from Wordpress to Squarespace I wanted your experience as a reader of BrocanteHome to feel pure. I have kept the design as simple as possible because I know so many read blogs on phones and tablets now and I know from my own experience how difficult it is to do battle with pop-ups on a tiny screen.  I wanted you to come to Brocantehome and only experience all things Brocante, so that each and every piece of information here relates only to living a life less ordinary. So that you are never distracted by shiny things, but simply find my message in everything you read or see here.

I wanted BrocanteHome to be as pure as possible so that your decision to live a life less ordinary was never compromised by an advert for a product that wasn't quite on message or an affiliate link to a download bundle I know you have probably already received fifty other emails advertising. I wanted those of you who love BrocanteHome to feel that I value you as a reader and I am not here to just keep on shoving this, that and the other down your throat, because I want to help you become more yourself each and every day you spend in my company.


But truthfully? It is a daily battle staying afloat. And staying afloat means that true creativity is always hampered by the need to provide a roof over our heads. And so today I am asking for your help to write the book I want to write and you want to read.

You see once upon a time the starving artist or author attracted Patrons of the Arts: those who adored the artists work and provided them with the financial security to be able to create more. These days such patronage has been re-invented and we have been blessed with crowd-funding where the artist or authors community come together to provide a tiny sum that adds up to a bigger whole.

In my case I have signed up to Patreon, to ask you to pay upwards of just $1.00 per month (up to whatever sum you can afford) each to enable me to really focus on writing my Books of Days For a Life Less Ordinary: a 365 day guide to living life the BrocanteHome way and in return you will accompany me as I write the book with exclusive access to the format of the book, the sections and chapters as I write them and much more in my Secret Society...

Great! Where can I learn more?

You can hop over here to learn more, read the Patreon benefits I have conjured up and sign up to donate $1.00 or more per month to help me bring A Book of Days For A Life Less Ordinary to life...

Really?? Aren't you embarrassed to be asking for money like this?

Yes and no. Yes, because, well, just yes, of course I am... and no because I think you know me well enough to understand that Brocantehome is a labour of love and sometimes I need a little help to help you...

Are you writing a real book this time?

Yup. This time I will be releasing this book as a hardback, a paperback and an e-book. So, yes, a real book you can keep on your bedside table, a book you can scribble notes in and underline meaningful paragraphs in and a book you can carry in your bag, and give to your favorite ladies. The book I have wanted to give you for such a long time. 

How long will it take?

Honestly? I don't know. It's going to be much longer, and more detailed than any little book I have written before so I guess I am asking you for faith in the process, with the knowledge that you can of course end your Patreonage anytime you choose to.

What's in it for me?

As a member of my Secret Society you will have access to an entirely separate blog and you will be able to read the book as I write it - though not all of it, because you want to have something to look forward to right? At higher levels of Patreonage, you will also get free access to other Kindle books I write before they are published, a free signed copy of A Book of Days when it is finally published and so very much more, I am not going to share because, well its a secret! All this and I suppose, the feeling that you are helping, because although it is just one dollar to you, to me it means the world. It really does.  

Can I sign up anonymously?

Yes! If you would rather I didn't know who you were, that's fine. Patreon allows you to support me without providing any details I can access.

Anything else?

Nothing but a heartfelt thank-you for even considering supporting me in this way. For reading BrocanteHome all these years and knowing me and understanding me and above all else for believing in me. Brocantehome is my life's work and I hope it means as much to you as it does to me.

So again, thank-you.