Livaio - The Answer to Your PDF Woes...


So you know how the world, his wife and her Mother-In-Law's dog will bless you with a a little PDF something these days, if you are kind enough to pay with your email address? And you know how excited you feel, full of hope and resolution and then you download it to your computer and your computer eats it and that's the end of that? 

Well no more.

You see last night I was helping a lady who had lost all the Brocante downloads I have ever sent her and then I opened a new browser window, perused Livaio, found just what I wanted to read with my cup of hot chocolate and sat there feeling smug. Oh yes. Smug I was.

You see in my relentless selfishness I have long forgot to mention that PDF's do not have to disappear into the virtual paper graveyard in your computer, they can instead be guarded, gathered and filed in to sensible time-based folders right here in your browser and you never need to do anything other than open a browser window and there you have it: every download you have ever requested... 

Really? Yup really. It's easy, organised and best of all, until your completely lose your mind and start collecting every download on fly-fishing you can find,  just because you can, it is absolutely free. Once you have signed up, using Livaio is a simple matter: you simply click on a download button and Livaio takes over and opens the PDF in a new window for you, popping it into intelligent folders you can re-arrange and re-name, and allowing you to highlight pertinent information and find what you need in a jiffy...

Best of all, you could even pour yourself a rhubarb gin and tonic and spend a happy hour uploading all those PDF's lurking in your computer files, so that never again do you have to drive yourself in sane in search of that long lost missive on fifty ways to mash an avocado.

Anyways... I just thought you should know. Life feels better when its organised doesn't it?

You are welcome. Have a lovely day.