Mummy you’ll never guess what’s happened!!

What Baby?

The night-time has worked really, really hard…

And Mummy it’s made us another day.

And oh Mummy, it’s beautiful!

And the little munchkin was right. I could smell it before I’d even opened my eyes. Overnight the hyacinth next to my bed had sprung into fragrant life and the Winter sun was peeping through my curtains. Perfect for Winter line drying on another laundry Monday..

Nana and GanGan are taking my little Spiky Nana Back to see Father Christmas in his grotto this afternoon.  I have hung a tiny bit of Christmas around the house. There is asparagus roasting in the oven and  Scott is coming tonight. My Scott. We are wearing scarves and hats and gloves to go dancing on the beach in the dark. To eat fish and chips on a bench and probably say bye bye forever. And its ok I think. I really think it might be ok.

Oh happy days. Thank goodness it is made up of a thousand tiny little things.