In honour of another scrumptious baking Wednesday, my Daily Treat  today suggests you choose your favourite vintage recipe book, turn the page to 72 and bake whatever you see there… if only because left to my own devices I will bake yet another chocolate comfort cake and never give a thought to expanding my culinary horizons.

Yes it could go horribly wrong. My recipe book of choice is the Ninth Bestway Cookery Gift Book . Page 119 of said book instructs me in the delights of the Spaghetti and Fig Mould (yum!). And page 68 offers the horrible wonder that is the Veal and Ham Kromeskie…

Luckily for me, page 72 has a rather basic and thus probably scrumptious recipe for Baked Orange Pudding, so once I have nipped to the shops to buy a goodbye present for Finley’s nursery teacher, watched the egg and spoon race at the Nursery Sports day, posted my very, very overdue tax return and  cooked the weekly essentials like soup, quiche and gluten free pizza bases, I shall don a special pinny and whip up an citrus scented storm…

Baked Orange Pudding.


Grated rind and juice,

1/4lb. self raising flour,

2 eggs, 40z. caster sugar.

Orange marmalade.


Whisk the eggs and sugar together until thick and creamy, then add the finely-grated orange rind.

Sift the flour and stir it in gradually, moistening the mixture with the juice of the orange.

Mix all together lightly and turn the mixture into a buttered dish. Bake it for about half an hour or a little longer as required, in a moderately hot oven.  Serve the pudding with hot marmalade.