Oh Blah! I am sorry to have to tell you that I may have to love you and leave you again.

This morning Finley and I, attended hospital for a check up, and unfortunately because he has lost more weight and his stomach has got bigger, it looks as if we are going to have to back on to a ward to be monitored, while they do some more blood tests, an ultra sound scan on his stomach, and tests for the Celiacs disease and cystic fibrosis, they have not yet ruled out.

At the moment we are waiting for the consultant to call to tell us whether we can stay at home, but the doctor has said it is unlikely, so it looks like another little holiday in Alder Hey.

Finley isn’t unwell: he is eating and sleeping and full of energy, but because he is showing signs of malabsorption and mild anemia, we obviously need to get to the root of the problem.

Thank you for your patience.  I will keep you posted.