"They say that one of the reasons for tragedy is that you learn important lessons from it.. Appreciation for your normal life, for one thing. A new longing for things only ordinary. The feeling is that we are so caught up in minutiae – slicing tomatoes and filling out forms and waiting in lines and emptying the dryer and looking in the paper for things to do- that we forget how to use what we’ve been given. Therefore we don’t taste the plum. We are blind to the slant of the four 0’clock sun against the changing show of the leaves. We are deaf  to the throaty purity of children’s voices. We are assumed to be rather hopeless- swallowed up by incorrect notions, divorced from the original genius, with which we  are born, lost within days of living this distracting life. We are capable only of moments, of single seconds of true appreciation and connection. That is the thought."

Elizabeth Berg, Anything’s Possible.