And She’s Back In the Room…

So where we? Oh yes. I was going a bit off my trolley with grief and exhaustion and took it in to my head to call time on Brocantehome for the Summer and then I went away and gave myself a stern talking to and re-wrote what I had written in the midst of my mini-meltdown, and ate a lot of smoked mackerel and many a vitamin tablet in an effort to get my act together…

And now I’m back. Because I can’t keep away. I miss you when BrocanteHome is closed and I kind of miss myself when I’m not writing and all in all the world feels upside down when I cannot come hang out here and frankly my world has been so thoroughly spun and dragged through the wringer in the last three years that a person really needs a little steady in her life. And so enough already with following my more crazy instincts, I’m going to keep on keeping on and I thought I would get started by telling you what’s new, where I’m headed and how I plan to pump a little joy back into our little vintage world..

So ummmm… yeah: this happened… And though having my relationship status out loud and proud on Facebook makes me feel like I am doing an impression of a rather giddy teenager, truth is I’m feeling all manner of giddiness and I guess I want the world to know. And I want you to know because this happy little announcement marks a new era at BrocanteHome: an era in which I have decided to admit that I cannot run BrocanteHome all by myself, though heaven knows I have spent the best part of eleven years trying!

From this day on Ste is taking over all the administration tasks I am so appallingly bad at. He is an eminently sensible man, capable even of convincing me that even after forty years of dedicated biting, my nails will actually grow, if only I would let them, and indeed in sitting me down, looking at every aspect of Brocantehome and asking me how the heck I ever hoped to manage writing, editing, designing, administrating, social networking and promoting it all by myself? And what in the name of all things ridiculous did I think I could achieve when I have lived through such significant trauma and could barely be expected to muddle my way through keeping the fridge stocked let alone trying to run a business with more angles than a protractor?

Heaven knows he is not alone in his bewilderment is he? Some of you, my darling readers, responded to my last newsletter by offering help with everything from book-editing to forum running and over the next few weeks I am going to be taking some of you up on your lovely offers – for which I simply could not be more grateful. But first there is work to do. There is the delayed House Rules and Summer House downloads to deliver. There is a site to bring back to life with all the myriad of ideas I’ve had, and books I have read and pretty things I have fallen in love with.

And there is hope. For rest assured that there’s life in the old girl yet, and with your help and Ste’s abundant enthusiasm and natural instinct for organization, I truly hope order can be restored and BrocanteHome can grow wings again…x