Today I wish you plenty of tomorrows. Snow, sprouts and pigs in blankets. I wish you a snuggly lie in and children who wake at the crack of dawn desperate to see what’s in their stockings. I wish you sherry and fights with your sister over gets to keep the silliest of Christmas cracker gifts. I wish you a turkey that isn’t dry as a bone and roast potatoes you would sell your grandmother for. Kisses  under the mistletoe and tangerines in the bottom of your stocking.  I wish you socks and jumpers you wouldn’t wear in a million years and fifteen denier American tan tights from your Auntie Mabel. I wish you Tv repeats galore and Hollywood Christmases you will never, ever tire of. I wish you nuts and chocolate and dates and sugared almonds. I wish you cries of delight and private moments to remember all your yesterdays. I wish you hope for tomorrow. I wish you piles and piles of books to make you smile. Board games to cause world war three and children so tired they drop to sleep in your arms…

I wish you all of this. And I wish you a wonderful life.

Happy Christmas Housekeepers.