I know we all rave about  Sarah Ban Breathnach, but does anybody else adore Alexandra Stoddard as much as I do?

After an evening spent flicking through my old favorites,  "Choosing Happiness", "Open Your Eyes"  and   "Living A Beautiful Life", I was once again reminded why it is so important to make the tiniest parts of our day, pleasures that may go unnoticed, but are on some level absorbed.

The beauty of Alexandra’s work is her inability to exercise any kind of restraint when it comes to the small luxuries of life and although some may find this elitist, to me it is aspirational. I want the best sheets, the time soul searching by the fireplace,the fine fountain pens, time to write letters, the collectible art, and the early nights in a bedroom that makes me feel calm.  I want it enough to make sacrifices in other areas of my life and it is Alexandra Stoddard who frequently reminds me why it is important to make such grace notes the focus of my happiness…

If you haven’t read her, then you are in for a treat because she has written 24 books, each as gently inspirational as the last. And while admittedly the interiors described may have dated quite dramatically, the message remains as lovely as ever.

Find them all here, then go over and meet the woman who describes herself as a "contemporary philosopher at her website, AlexandraStoddard.Com.