1. A cosy snuggly pair of lacy socks to keep your tootsies warm…

£39.00- Toast.Co.Uk

2. A pair of ballet slippers because every girl dreams of owning ballet slippers and these are just perfect for pitter patter pirouetting your way to the tea-pot…

Capezio Women’s Daisy Ballet Shoe
$20.00- Endless.Com

3. One single exquisite champagne truffle for the sheer luxury of it…

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles
£9.50 – ChocolateTradingCo.Com

4. A lightweight chick lit paperback with a literary twist (because lazy afternoons aren’t for over-taxing our minds…)

Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict.
$10.00- Amazon.Com

5. A scented face pillow perfect for soothing sniffly noses…

DreamTime Breathe Easy Face Pillow,…
$19.00- Amazon.Com

6. The scent of roses (a scent that should never be far away)

Woods of Windsor True Rose Room Fragrance
$12.00- Amazon.Com

7. A slouchy satiny cardigan for a layer of warmth without the bulk…

Pink Knit and Satin Cardigan with Gold Buttons

8. A motto to whisper to yourself…

‘Don’t Stop Believing’ print by peters and janes
£25.00 – NotOntheHighStreet.Com

9. …And  candlelight inspired by the afternoon tea I know you will be drinking…

Retro Green Stripe Teacup Candle by Teacup Candles
£16.99- NotOntheHighStreet.Com

Recommended Dosage?

At least one afternoon per week…