Well now at the risk of being one of those bloggers who spends many an hour explaining why she isn’t blogging, I have parked my bottom in the library to explain why I am not blogging the BrocanteHome way. you know: because I am one of those bloggers. Temporarily.

You see we have moved in to Dad’s because he is going to be moving out soon and it seemed crazy not to grab a house that suits us dearly, while we look for one to buy, and thus we had the internet cut off in my mini little falling down cottage while it is sold and Dad switched off his internet and we set up a new provider and that m’dears is where it all went wrong. They said one week and they meant three due to some kind of “line” crisis and now here we are, one step removed from absolute lunacy and rather upset about it to the degree that I have been tweet-shouting and Ste has spent many an hour on the phone calmly screeching at a company who are very sorry and very unwilling to try to speed things up.

While I have been worrying about BrocanteHome and Ste is generally demented altogether, it is the kids who have suffered most, because it has come to my attention Dearhearts, that our children are absolutely ADDICTED to the world wide web and can barely function without it so thoroughly absorbed are they in the lives of random overgrown teenagers like Joe Weller and in Finley’s case at least, (though I keep telling him that he is one step removed from an addiction to the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills)  in what is going on with the Diva’s of the WWE network.

Cue tears at unexpected times. And the occasional tantrum. And quite a bit of outraged sulking, not helped by the fact that the majority of Finn’s bedroom is now lurking in Dad’s thankfully large garage, nor by the fact that Stevie stares in to space when he can’t stare at his tablet. It ain’t good and I do believe it calls for a new regime in terms of restricting access to the internet when it is finally back on and inviting our boys to experience more of what real life has to offer instead…

Luckily a new regime is very much what is on the cards. While I am in the midst of moving house I am also debating taking Finley out of one school and putting him in another and the very process of merely thinking about it is somewhat battering my head, because the enormity of shaping his future through academia keeps slapping me around the chops and making me feel responsible for something I was once so sure about.

Everything is changing. As  we approach the one year anniversary of my Mum’s heartbreaking death, I am astonished by how many changes are occurring and indeed how very willing I am to invite change now that I understand how very cruel life can be, and thus why there is no time at all to waste in dithering. I am not scared of change but I cannot say I am particularly enamoured by it either. My entire being yearns for stability of the kind I have not had for such a long time and though we should not wish our lives away I know that in my family at least we are all so very desperate to speed through the next few months so we can experience what it is to live life without Mum in a period of settlement rather than the the changes her death has inspired…

All that and we need the internet. For it is apparent that life slows down to a crawl without it. Though I am loving watching Finley spend each evening playing chess with Ste and Dad, and thoroughly enjoying losing myself in the pile of books I got for Christmas, knowing that my business is stalling is disconcerting and I truly hate being out of this polka dotty loop of my own creation.

Rumour has it that the internet will be on come Friday and so I am going to say farewell for now: it is quite the oddest thing typing again a clock counting down the single hour we are allowed to commandeer the computers here in my local library, and I am so looking forward to sitting down with a cup of Joe and my lovely laptop once again next week.

Till then forgive my absence and enjoy, a putterily scrumptious week.x