After eight lovely, tumultuous years living and blogging and living some more, I cringe when I find myself apologizing for not showing up here on BrocanteHome as often as I should.

But sometimes the words just dry up. Or seem trivial. Or not trivial enough. Other days there is simply too much living to do: school holidays and decorating, shopping and family and planting lovely seeds and growing a precious little boy. And then there are the times when all my writing energy is being poured to the bigger projects, latterly The Art of Homemaking, Muse and my newest project (coming soon!) The Housekeepers Folio, and time and effort must be spent on correcting the dull technical stuff on the site and dabbling in the kind of lovely frippery that makes each of these larger pieces of work the successes that keep Brocante online.

Anyway what I am trying to say, I think, is that I am here.

Even when I’m not, I really am.

Thinking about how I can make all our lives that little bit lovelier. Living life off-line in a way that does my role as Vintage Housekeeper justice. Practicing what I preach. Learning and reading and researching and scrubbing and hoping and dreaming. Blurring the lines between writing and life and loving it all.

And so tonight I want to say go have a lovely Easter. Switch off the computer for one blissful family filled chocolatey weekend and really LIVE your life. Eat scrambly egg and give thanks. Go for long walks. Hold hands with your children. Read Nancy Mitford and Dodie Smith. Go out treasure seeking and bunny rabbit spotting and egg hunting. Tidy that cupboard and line your comfort drawer with new rose sprinkled paper. Take everything you have learned here on Brocantehome and use it to make this weekend as beautiful as can be.

I want you to know what it is to be kind to yourself.x