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Did you ever design a room in your head only to find yourself standing in a space that barely resembles your original vision thereafter? Do you kid yourself you are a pink lady and then dig a little deeper only to find yourself harbouring deeply gothic aesthetic tendencies? Did you ever plan a wedding and slowly but surely discover that your inner bridezilla has entirely different taste to you? That somehow a room, an outfit or indeed a wedding has a will of its own, long before you go wrapping it in rhinestones and froth?

Hmmm. I’ve known this for a long time. And yet every time I’m caught off guard by my Muse: she who shares my eyes but not my decorative heart. She who shows me up simply by being in possession of better taste than me. And so it is that I am not having the rosy red wedding that in the wilder, slightly more girly throes of my imagination I was secretly planning. Partly because it doesn’t feel right and mostly because the venue demands something altogether more sophisticated and sparkly. Less bunting and gingham and more starched linen and candlelight. Less red… more blue.

Ugh. Blue. If ever there was a colour I couldn’t get on with, blue was it. And yet here I am sticking blue weddings to my Pinterest board by the minutes. Drawn to the merest of ice blue detail. Searching heaven and hell for enough blue velvet ribbon to wrap around my invitations. In love with blue for the first time in my life.

How did that happen?  Possibly the same way I fell head over heels in madness with very own six foot four geek?

So anyways. It’s going to be a blue wedding. A black and blue wedding. A bruiser of a wedding! Because The Vincent has a rather frightening black and grey carpet and deep black leather booths with gold and blue accents in the gorgeous bar where our darling families will gather before the ceremony. So blue and black it is, because in an art deco cinema turned swanky hotel, the cherry florals I have known  and adored for so long would look incongruous.

(Note to self: incongruous is a great word.)

Where was I? Oh yes. The Nuptial bruise. Ok so I have started with the first of what is likely of many little blue wedding collages, and as I refine the entire theme of our day it is just mighty possible I will end up posting many more… but for now this isit: blue details, black dinner suits,  rhinestones and white froth.

Now if only the men werent being so difficult about the polka dot dicky bows…

Tell me now… what theme or colour scheme, if any, did you have at your wedding? Did the venue dictate the look of the day or did you go your own way and re-create exactly that which was in your head regardless?

Talk me through your day Darlings…