The Christmas Countdown




It’s here at last: the surefire route to festive heaven.

Christmas bliss in 30 gorgeous pages of planners and charts that will I hope make all the difference to a season full of cinnamon scented madness and mayhem….

Never again will you go crackers (excuse the pun) and spend next years food budget on plastic junk the kids barely touch let alone play with. Never again will you buy Auntie Mabel two reindeer twinsets and forget to buy poor old Uncle Harold a sausage. Christmas will be a breeze! Well kinda. I mean let’s face it there’s nothing I can do about inebriated sisters and kids high on Quality Street. The shops will still be hell and your significant other, will, I promise, moan about everything from fiddly Christmas tree lights to turkey that doesn’t taste like his Mothers. Because it is his job and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if  your cast didn’t play their roles to predictable perfection now would it? (Just for the record I’m the grumpy, tired one on Christmas Day!)

Nevertheless, with a little organisation, life could, in the run up to Christmas be easier couldn’t it? And so my Darling’s I hereby present  the very first BrocanteHome Christmas Planner, a collections of charts and forms and lists that will help you organise everything from Christmas  cards to the very essence of your own family Christmas….

Whats Included?

Christmas Planner Front Page.
The Brocante Home Festive Creed.
Festive Puttery Treats.
Festive Traditions.
Festive Grace Notes.
Dcember Calender.
Brocante December CountDown.
Your December Coutdown.
Decorating Planner.

Xmas Budget.
Festive To-Do’s.
Christmas Card List.
Cards Received List.
Scrumptious Sites.
Order Tracker.
Gift Buying List.
V.I.P. Gift Planner.
Christmas ThankYou’s.
Kids Thank You’s.
Christmas Grocery List.
Scrumptious Recipe Sources.
Christmas Recipe Cards.

Xmas Meal Planner.
Christmas Dinner Planner.
Christmas Chores.
Festive Scrub.
Planner Back.

In short all the things that have made Brocante Christmas’s lovely in the past, but all in one place…


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