A fish tank built into a divine French Armoire.

A vintage solution to an ugly problem.


Simple Abundance

To kick off the Brocante Book club, I want to start with a book I have given to every woman I love. Somebody once told me that we are destined to read certain books and when I first discovered Simple Abundance a few years ago, I knew that Sarah Ban Breathnach’s eloquent meditation on living more authentically, had the power to change my life.

With an entry for every day of the year, Sarah touches upon every aspect of our lives in gentle essays that encourage us to recognise all that is good in our lives, to nurture the art of gratitude and to learn to live with all those things we cannot change.

There are passages in this lovely book that made me laugh and many more that brought sudden tears of recognition in the face of  the tiny resentments and general discontent we are all so prone to.

Five years later, the pages are my copy of Simple Abundance are worn and I truly believe that I am better person for it.

To learn more about Simple Abundance, read the reviews on Amazon here or visit Sarah Ban Breathnach’s website here.

Vintage Brocantehome

A vintage life

Black coffee and bitter chocolate. Junk shops and home-made gingerbread. Vintage cashmere, worn out denim and pale pink peony. Lace, crochet  and milk-glass. Letters tied up with ribbon, memories, diamanté and a pot of tea. Babies, mummies and housework. Photos, scrapbooks and cosy blankets. Blowzy dahlias, forget-me-nots, vanilla and cups with spotty saucers. Dreams, ritual and celebration…

But I have so much more than this to share with you. If you have a spare minute or two for relaxation and a cuppa, and maybe a digestive or two, have a look at some Good Reads of mine…….