Living Life the Essential Way…

ou’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to success is found in your daily routine.

What does living life the essential way mean? It means that in our own home we are choosing only to use essential oils we know to be absolutely pure and that as part of my commitment to you my readers here at BrocanteHome, I am only recommending the same, so that we can all guarantee that those oils we choose to use in our home are the purest and safest available.

This is the very first time that I have ever wholeheartedly recommended a specific company on my site and I have spent many months researching the essential oil market (and getting off to something of a false start with another company) before committing to this recommendation because I wanted to be absolutely sure that I would be singing the praises of a company in whose products I truly believed in as a consumer as well as a distributor.

ID-100233627If you have been a reader of Brocantehome for any length of time, you will know that I have long advocated the use of essential oils in all the recipes I recommend to keep house and nurture family health and well-being, but over recent years I had started to feel rather hypocritical about those recommendations because all too often the essential oils I was using myself were causing me irritation to the such a degree that my skin begin to itch.

Though I still believed in the power and potential of the oils I so frequently referred to, I began to doubt the purity of some of even the most well-renowned oils, and so it was that while searching for a solution to my woes with my partner Ste, that we happened across the company we have chosen to use for both all aspects of our personal health and home care needs, and to recommend to you the readers of Brocantehome.

I disposed of all my existing stock of essential oils, burners and diffusers and we decided to start completely from scratch with an essential oil starter kit. And then began the great Essential Oil experiment as it came to be known around here. Night after night we mixed different blends using the ten oils in our starter pack, used them to treat a range of maladies and ailments and during the day I experimented with including them in the recipes I usually used to keep house and the results were pleasing for not only did the house smell scrumptiously clean and above all else, cared for, but beyond that I wasn’t itchy. My skin didn’t feel bumpy and my eyes weren’t streaming as they so very often had when using even the merest drops of oils in the recent past. I was delighted.

The Essential Oil Business Model

When you first get started with this company, the business model can seem nothing short of bewildering. You are asked to choose between being a retail or a wholesale member and then you must decide whether to commit to a monthly order  but to us it was a no-brainer. You see, as far as we are concerned, becoming a distributor/wholesale member for  this company does not mean that we are committed to selling anything to anybody. In fact we believe that this a lifestyle choice and that the business model inherent to it exists to support us as individuals in making the oils as inherent a part of our lives, or indeed our livelihoods, (should we choose to go down the business building route), only to the degree that we choose and that getting a discount off the full retail price after buying one of the starter kits is simply a lovely bonus!

I understand that it is confusing to have to choose between being a retail member or declaring yourself a wholesale member but you simply have to think of it as joining a club, with your initial starter kit order as your entry fee.

As someone already committed to a natural, organic lifestyle it made sense to me, to join the monthly order program not only because there are financial rewards and happy little bonuses built right in to the program, but primarily because being committed to spending a certain amount of my household budget each month means that I am committing to making this companies oils and it’s lovely (and ever expanding!) range of products a part of our daily lives and that I will look to my essential oils catalogue before making household purchases beyond it.

For our chosen company do not just offer essential oils in their purest form: there is also a huge range of products utilising their amazing properties, with everything from natural cleaning products to sleep and slimming solutions, oral care products, beauty and wellness lines, so you can see how easy it is to integrate essential oils in to your daily routines and wellness rituals and reap the benefits of a system that rewards your loyalty.

 Got Questions?a

Trust me, I know you have because we did too. So many questions! And so here we have attempted to answer all the questions we had in those first few months with as much honesty and clarity as we are capable of mustering.

Do I have to sell oils or own a store to be a Wholesale Member?
Do I have to Commit to a Monthly Spend?
Is This a Pyramid Scheme?
I Don't Know Where to Start. Can You Help Me?