If you are a vintage girl with a chaotic house, too much laundry and a child or six attached to your hip, then I promise you are in for a treat…

You see, I want to make your life lovely- to show you the way to a house that’s as fresh as a daisy, help you create teeny rituals that will change your life and teach you to bless your days with the kind of tiny joys that often pass unnoticed….

I want to show you how to be a Vintage Housekeeper.

The Perfect Housewife?

What is the difference between the “Perfect Housewife” and the “Vintage HouseKeeper”? Is she one and the same person? Does running your home the Brocante way mean that it is akin to a museum: all cordoned off areas and glass cabinets? Do you run a tight ship with no room for the CHAOS that if we are totally honest, is a daily part of all our lives…

No? Didn’t think so. You see the “Perfect Housewife” and the “Vintage HouseKeeper” are, for want of a better word, entirely different animals…

The Perfect Housewife sticks to her routine rigidly.
The Vintage Housewife has a routine, but doesn’t let it rule her life.

The Perfect Housewife prides herself on the etiquette of being a good hostess.
The Vintage HouseKeeper cares only that people feel welcome and are at ease in her home.

The Perfect Housewife is always immaculate.
The Vintage Housewife occasionally looks a little bit demented.

The Perfect Housewife’s house smells of bleach and sanitised emotion.
The Vintage HouseKeepers house smells of lavender and soup and babies and life…

The Perfect Housewife occasionally resents the work she is forced to do and to her horror, she is often a teeny bit bored…
The Vintage HouseKeeper is so busy stuffing life full of her authentic dreams, she hasn’t got time to be bored…

You see the difference? You see how soul-less true perfection would be? Give yourself a break!

Life is hard. And being harder on yourself is the fastest route to loopeyville. Think of your home as a living breathing entity rather than a machine and you will see that just as it is impossible to entirely rule our children’s lives: so it is with a house. But nurture it, love it, and truly care for it, and one day that home will be a living, breathing reflection of who we are as home- makers.

A million miles away from perfection maybe, but wonderful all the same…

The Essence of BrocanteHome?

Lavender and tea-stained lace. Polka dots and gingham. Snuggles with your babba’s. Earl grey tea in china cups. Orange blossom scented pinnies and starched bed linen, white as snow. Floral wellies and a crocheted apron. Muddy puddles and gardens full of daffodils. Pink lemonade and Happy Accident cake. Cabbage roses and jam jars full of daisies. Journals stuffed with all our yesterdays.  Old films and ribbon tied bookmarks. Rhubarb crumble, lavender shortbread and cherry topped cup-cakes. Sepia photographs and pale violet ink. Monogrammed pillow cases and tea-towels embroidered with the days of the week. A stack of magazines and box of rose-scented truffles. Dreams, ritual and celebration…

 Yes, but what do Vintage Housekeepers Actually Do?

They keep house, of course. And they run families, and bring up babbas, and start delicious little businesses, and have pedicures and plan Christmas and worry about money and in short do all the thing’s every other woman in the country does to keep her life turning over. But they do it in an apron. With purpose. Kind of the way their Nana’s would have done, had they been blessed with a Dyson, and enough self-confidence to understand that in the end a cuddle with our babies matters a whole lot more than dusting the parlour ever will…

Isn’t that awfully old-fashioned?

Oh absolutely, but then so are the deliciously snuggly paisley eiderdowns on our beds! We are old fashioned girls, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see the appeal of time-saving devices like the tumble dryer…
Vintage Housekeeping is about making the mundane things we all have to do (like cleaning the loo!) as scrumptious as possible. It is about looking back at the way Mrs Beeton ran her household, and embracing our homes with the same zeal, commitment and pride. But it isn’t about cleaning twenty-two hours out of every twenty-four hours, nor creating homes more akin to museums. It is about celebrating the teeniest moments in our days, creating ritual out of good old-fashioned routine and feathering our vintage nests with soul, history and happiness…

Tell me How!

You know I truly believe that the road to becoming a Vintage Housekeeper has to begin with making a commitment to a whole new way of life: a life that recognises that home is who we are, that the way we look after it reflects our ambition for ourselves and our children and that when we keep house to the best of our scrumptious ability, we establish a home that both nurtures our souls and nourishes our creativity.

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2 comments on “Manifesto

  1. Karen on said:

    I love it and I’m very excited to get started!

  2. Love, Love, Love your blog. Love vintage, love lavender, love baking, love family, love cosy, love my home. I too am a vintage housekeeper, so is my mum, she always has been, and has inspired me to be the same. We have always upcycled old things even before there was a word for it, loving the quality and soul in vintage items. We live in France now, my parents in the next village to where me and my family are, but originally come from England. Mum and I have recently opened a little shop on Etsy selling vintage items and are planning another with handmade (from vintage) items.
    I am very glad to have found you and wish you all the best, I look forward to reading more.
    Thanks so much.